Succession plans and management of generational changes

Many strong small and medium-sized companies in Germany and Switzerland are looking for a succession plan to ensure that the company or organisation will continue to be managed the way the original founders, employees and market partners want it to be.

For many founders and generations of business people, a company is much more than a money-making machine.

Protecting the company’s values and vision, as well as jobs, can be a matter close to an owner’s heart, well beyond their own working life.

Whether the next generation is already standing ready or a suitable business head needs to be found, managing this transition successfully means managing expectations and emotions – in addition to numerous legal, tax and financial matters.

This requires a deeper understanding of connections that cannot be grasped by looking at company balance sheets alone.

Dealing with each generation’s personal sensitivities, as well as that of the company managers’, is an exercise that requires a wealth of experience and tact, and as much attention as other business issues.

Together with you, we manage the entire transition process step by step.

During this delicate period, our support which draws from many years of experience will provide an additional stabilising force.