Resolution of shareholder disputes

It happens time and time again: the owners of a company fall out to such an extent that the performance of the company suffers. Or the very existence of the company comes under threat.

In some cases, this leads to irrational behaviours of epic proportions, not unlike those witnessed in the most brutal divorce battles.

Attempts to resolve such situations through legal action usually result in drawn-out, demoralising, very costly and often embarrassing legal wranglings.

Disputes of this kind often absorb considerable personal and material resources and are usually greatly detrimental to the quality of life of the parties involved.

If you find yourself embroiled in a dispute or are anticipating one, speak to us.

We specialise in the swift resolution of shareholder disputes, leveraging a bespoke solution model that takes into account a variety of escalation and pressure levels.

Following extensive analysis and background research, we use our expertise to dissect and lay out arguments so that a typical mediation process can be brought to its successful conclusion.

In the rare instances the mediation process fails, we have a variety of other effective strategies at our disposal to end a shareholder dispute in favour of our clients.