Restructuring management

Are you confronted with the challenge of having to restructure your company or parts of it?

As specialist consultants, we offer expert guidance to help ensure that changes are successfully delivered. We tailor our support to your needs, from overseeing the entire restructuring process to working closely with your management team and stakeholders to plan and implement your restructuring plan optimally.

At such disruptive times – and restructuring is always an exceptionally sensitive time for any company, our experience enables you to bridge any internal gaps in skills or knowledge. We add value at both analytical and operational levels, bringing to the table a wealth of situational experience as well as mastery of a wide range of restructuring solutions.

We help manage communications throughout so that your corporate reputation is protected while difficult measures are implemented.

Our proprietary multidimensional, morphogenetic solution model 吉吉5D+ enables us to quickly and clearly diagnose necessary restructuring steps. These are then orchestrated within a coordinated solution concept.

We work on the premise that companies and business units are living organisms made up of vital functions - management, finance and controlling, production, marketing, sales, IT and human resources, all of which require dedicated attention.

We systematically uncover critical areas for intervention and will delve into a company’s key resources and capabilities as well as its internal and external partners.

We can determine the capital requirements for your company restructuring, support you in discussions with your financing partners and, where necessary, arrange different financing options including alternative backers. In specific cases, we might offer direct investment in order to strengthen a company’s equity base, on a temporary or long-term basis. Discussions with creditors can also become part of our remit as we facilitate the restructuring process.

Another key area of expertise is staff motivation and external stakeholder engagement, whose support throughout the transition phase is essential for the restructuring process to be successful. We are highly skilled at managing change in a way that promotes buy-in. We ensure that everyone impacted by the restructuring understands how the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

Thus, our work fosters positive attitudes, which in turn makes it possible for the restructuring process to be a smooth one and benefits companies in the long term.