Sales consulting and sales management

However good your organisation already is, however unique and successful your products and services, without an effective sales and distribution system, your company is only worth half as much.

Having a consistently successful sales system is a key factor in determining a company’s future financial and commercial performance. Rather than great sales talk, however, what this rests on is your ability to map out a path towards systematic and therefore predictable success.

The foundation for this is your business strategy.

A key step is to integrate your core competencies and unique selling points into a strategic positioning for your company or organisation. This will enable you to clearly communicate your differentiating concept to your salesforce.

We work with you to analyse your current market position and set desired targets so you can achieve your business objectives faster, with appropriate sales and distribution clout.

Through the development of a value-based and up-to-date distribution system, internal organisation, the acquisition, training and education of the right employees and the setting up of sales monitoring tools – we ensure that your products and services are successfully placed on the market.